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Scanning and Digital Conversions

Preserve all your precious memories by converting them to digital to view on your

tv, pc, phone or tablet for you and all the family to enjoy once again.

Negatives, slides and photographs are professionally hand scanned in store using the latest high quality Epson and Noritsu scanners and put on to your choice of either CD or USB Stick, we offer minor dust and scratches removal free of charge.  

Simply bring your photographs in store to convert onto a media of your choice. 

We also offer a restoration service for any of your images which are scratched, torn, creased or even completely ripped in half... We've even been known to add and remove people if required.

Scanning, Slides, Negatives and CDS








101 +

Standard Res (300 DPI) per image








High Res (600 DPI) per image








Transfer to

CD/DVD  - £3.99

16GB USB - £12.99

Or for reprints view our 

We can convert... 120,126,110, 35mm negatives, slides and standard prints upto A4

For prints larger than A4 see pricing below

Large Print Scanning 

Images up to 12x10

Images up to 12x16 or A3

Images larger than 20x16

Price per Print




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